Essay on Celta Pre- Assessment Activity

Celta Pre- Assessment Job



1 . Offer an example of each one of the following tenses (1 word each)

Present simple

Our planet orbits the sun.

Present continuous

I are preparing my personal exam.

Past simple

Subway staff proceeded strike previous Monday.

Previous continuous

I used to be reading while he was watching tv.

Present best simple

I use completed my personal dissertation efficiently.

Present ideal continuous

I have already been working in the school as 2008.

Present simple passive

Health and Basic safety rules are made by the Office of Overall health.

2 . These kinds of sentences contain common errors. Correct these people and say what guidelines are damaged I was liking that picture: I prefer that picture- this should be there simple. The lady learns France since 2 years: She has been learning France for a couple of years- period (2 years) should be forwent by pertaining to. If he'd inherit some funds, he would purchase a house: In the event that he follows some money, he will buy a house- generally present tense is used with if. Will you can figure out? Do you understand?

There is excessive people right here: There are too many people here- various is used with plurals f) He asked what do We earn (keep in indirect form): He asked the things i earn-when applying indirect questions we do not set an auxiliary before subject matter.

3. Just how would you clarify and demonstrate the difference among:

‘since' and ‘for': intended for + period ( eg. It's been raining for weeks) and since + starting point (eg. It's been raining since the morning). ‘some' and ‘any': Several is used in affirmative clauses (eg. I need some grapes) any is actually a non- yes, definitely word and come in inquiries and disadvantages (eg. I actually haven't acquired any grapes). Present Best and Present Perfect Continuous: Present excellent expresses a task which started in the past or perhaps has just finished and emphasises the result (what has took place eg. I've written five letters). Present perfect unending expresses that it must be still going on and is utilized to emphasis duration eg. I have already been waiting for an hour. Will (future) and gonna (future): both equally possible based on which element you want to stress. Going to offers emphasis on objective (what can you do next year? ) -- will emphasise fixed agreements (what would you like to do next year? ) Much / a whole lot of as well as many: much will used with singular/uncountable nouns (eg. I don't have got very much time): a large number of is used with plurals ( eg. I've many friends). A lot of is simple and it is the subject that makes the next verb unique or multiple ( eg. A lot of my friends are coming)


1 . Discuss the placed order from the following means of asking agreement

OK easily go home right now?

Can I go home now?

May well I go back home now?

Do you think I might go home now?

Each goes from informal to formal.

2 Think of 4 techniques for apologising and rank them in a similar approach. Which do you teach 1st and for what reason?

a) Apologies

b) I'm sorry

c) My spouse and i apologise

d) I plead your pardon

I would train them to work with a) Remorseful as it is most in-demand and the students are likely to ought to use it 1st.

3. The following pairs of sentences have a similar grammatical composition but in each case the function is different. Try to paraphrase each sentence to show the distinction

a) Have you got a mild? Can I have a light?

Have you a sister? Do you have a sister?

b) Call me John- My name is John

Phone me a taxi- Can you call me a taxi?

c)You has to be quiet- Always be quiet

You should be hungry- Are you starving?


1 . Think of the most successful way of educating the following things:

Bicycle- Use a flashcard or perhaps bingo game with different settings of transfer. Behind- Work with real framework: mention students by name and declare who is lurking behind another student. Achievement- Search definition in dictionary after that use expression in sentence. Exhausted- Work with synonyms.

To beg- Search definition in dictionary in that case use phrase in phrase. Advertisement- Demonstrate students advertising campaigns in newspapers or fasteners of television adverts. Difficult-...