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Chapter 9 Quiz


1 . David was valedictorian of his senior high school graduation course and also near to the top of his course in college or university, but never lived up to his potential next. His personality was so that he generally alienated persons, leading to four failed marriages and problems holding down a job for any amount of time. It is likely that he previously a low amount of a. determination

b. mental intelligence

c. patience

deb. luck

installment payments on your According to Goleman, volatile outbursts of anger are the product of the. too much testo-sterone

b. widespread catharsis

c. emotional hijackings

d. mental illness

several. Which of the following factors has been associated with the potential for assault? a. bottling up feelings

b. having been physically abused as a child

c. playing video games

d. viewing David Letterman on TV

5. Rage reactions are more likely to occur if

a. our bodies already are in a point out of improved arousal

m. we are surprised

c. were hungry

m. we are calm


5. Which in the following can be described as barrier to a win- win end result? a. staying oblivious to the possibility of win- win outcome

w. anger and resentment

c. failure of just one or more involved to cooperate

d. Each of the above

six. The nerve basis for the empathic response have been linked to a. motor neurons

b. looking glass neurons

c. the neocortex overriding the amygdale

deb. mirror dendrites in the synapse


7. Stepping in to the shoes of some other leads to

a. bunions

b. confusion

c. a decrease of your own identity

d. empathy

almost eight. Two interdependent individuals is capable of more than the amount of their specific accomplishments due to

a. synergy

b. magic

c. the multiplicity impact

d. the predominance of win-win alternatives

9. Attribution theory teaches that

a. emotions are just obliquely related to physiological occasions. b. emotions depend on the way we label each of our physiological excitement levels. c. sentiment is simply a psychological event.

deb. there is no relationship between feelings and...