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Part 7 Miserable

Phase 7

Style Activities and Environments

Thinking Critically

1 . Review the meanings of architectural and thorough design as well as the brief information of high-level design activities at the beginning of the chapter. Which usually activities are clearly executive? Which are obviously detailed? Which can be architectural or perhaps detailed?

Creating the support services structure and application environment and designing the application architecture will be clearly new.

Designing employ case realizations and creating the database are clearly detailed.

Building the system and user cadre and developing the system secureness and settings can be executive or thorough.

2 . Discuss the evolution of client-server processing from document server to multilayer applications to Web-based applications. What has been the power causing this kind of evolution? Exactly where do you think network computing will be in the next five years? Ten years?

Cheaper personal computers, and networks, ubiquitous networking, and the desire of corporations to increase the accessibility with their systems to boost the customer base/satisfaction, gain efficiencies from greater inter- and intraorganization dexterity, and increased flexibility to reorganize persons, processes, and systems.

3. Imagine the deployment environment for any high-volume repayment processing program consists of the following: • DB2 DBMS running under the OS/390 operating system by using an IBM S/390 mainframe • WebSphere software server running under the Z/OS operating system on an IBM zSeries 900 mainframe • CORBA-compliant component-based program software written in Java that will be performed by various other internal and external systems

What are the main element architectural design decisions that must be made for the machine? When if the decisions become and who have should make sure they are? Outline the following design responsibilities that should occur after the important architectural design decisions...