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The purpose of this kind of study was to determine how teens spend their very own leisure time in El Aureo West Supplementary School. This technique was completed using a questionnaire with twelve to fifteen questions. It might not have been possible and enjoyable without the help of my teacher, Mister. Sooknanan. I would like to him to get his guidance and Ms. Forbes as well as well as the Immutable God to get the motivation to do this project.


Un Dorado West Secondary College is a secondary school located in the Tunapuna district with around 1200 learners. I have attended this institution for five years and the teachers constantly wondered the way the students dedicate their leisure time. This study gives these people a fair concept of the different types of leisure time activities pupils engage in as well as the possible effects on their academics and interpersonal lives.


How do students in Este Dorado Western Secondary College spend their particular leisure time?


Enjoyment refers to instances when students happen to be " off task” from other official category studies


How teenagers use their spare time at Un Dorado Western world Secondary Institution


A number of students in my school are certainly not performing as it should academically and teachers desire to find out a way to help these kinds of students. This kind of research provides an idea in the spare time actions of these college students. So , both equally teachers and students will be aware of how to framework their institution hours in to more positive activities, if necessary.


This kind of investigation was carried using a printed customer survey. The customer survey used for collecting data provides a number of positive aspects: * To determine how college students spend their leisure time

2. It is private

* It may have a good impact on various other students

* Requires little time to complete



The following questions looking to answer is good for a Cultural Studies SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION to find out how teenagers spend leisure time in the community of El Dorado Western Secondary Institution. You don't have to place your name for the paper therefore no one will see out whom you happen to be. Thank you for the co-operation.

A. Simon


1 . What is your sexuality?

Male Female

installment payments on your Are you among these age groups?

12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19

several. What ethnic group will you belong to?

East Indian




4. What religion do you really belong to?

Christian Hindu Muslim Other a few. How do you spend most of the leisure time?

On the Computer Sports

Liming with friends Expeditions

6. Are you a part of any social websites?

Yes Simply no

7. When you use the computer for your leisure time, how many several hours do you spend on it daily? 1-2hrs 2-3hrs 3-4hrs More than 4hrs 8. If you play sports how many several hours per week do you be involved in it? 1-2hrs 3-4hrs 4-5hrs Over 5hrs 9. Perform many of young adults in your town be a part of your type leisure activity? Yes No

twelve. Do the leisure activities interfere with the school work? Certainly No At times

14. Have your leisure time actions assisted you in learning to be a better college student? Yes Simply no

12. Have the leisure activities increased your sense of responsibility to the community you belong to? Yes No

13. Will you participate in community work as a part of your enjoyment activities? Certainly No

14. Do you recommend the type of leisure time activity to others as some thing that's great or uplifting? Yes Not any

12-15. What can your government carry out to make leisure-time activities better in your community? Even more sport establishments...