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ACME Incorporation. Q4 3 years ago Executive Update

ACME Inc. Q4 2008 Executive Revise

Prepared by the Executive Guiding Committee beneath the Leadership of James Light, CFO Exec Summary

ACME Inc. looks an important fresh challenge. Each of our privileged situation as the premier brand in high‐quality musical devices, the choice of the concert specialist, is threatened by new-technology. Electronic alternatives become more essential every day. However our most significant product line, traditional acoustic instruments, is usually addressing the slowest‐growing industry segment on the market. Our answer to this obstacle is change and expansion. This 5‐year business plan guides ACME Incorporation. through the change to new-technology. We can continue to develop and expand our situation in key boards, speakers, and related electric equipment, although slowly minimizing our present dependence on ambience. Our new plan is ambitious. All of us expect a dramatic embrace sales and profits, while shown inside the chart Strategy Highlights. Greater growth rates are expected to get keyboards, loudspeakers, and digital equipment, all of these grow among 10% and 20% annually. Market Analysis

The worldwide market to get musical musical instruments is a very mature, very competitive market. General market expansion is estimated between 6% and 8% per year, in both models and benefit. Distribution habits vary a whole lot by portion, from the mass retail syndication of the low end to the specific distribution with the high‐ top quality and high‐price segments. EXTREME Inc. are operating in a slim part of the marketplace; instruments and equipment can be purchased to experts who refer to the highest‐quality sound. The majority of our customers are live concert musicians. Marketplace Forecast

The market forecast displayed here refers to the portion of the marketplace relevant to ACME Inc., which can be of course the actual high‐quality specialist music part. The traditional acoustic instruments section, our most crucial market segment, is expected to grow in a very gradual 2%