essay about teen problems

essay about teen problems

Teen concerns

Task 1 .

How can you proceed through teen-life with all the current issues you might come across? To assist you through your problems, talk to your family and friends. It may seem difficult to do, but you can acquire some help for your problems coming from someone who has been through similar problems. It may not be a similar problems that you will definitely have or perhaps having, but it really is still vital that you talk to someone about your problems.

Task installment payments on your

In what way do you think your class can be a strength rather than a some weakness in your everyday routine? I think that my class is good to cheer up everybody

Task several

What kind of role do you consider you have within your class?

I do think that I acquired the clown role in the class, yet I are not producing the ridiculous things, I recently like to share my sights, and sometimes you are getting laughed for. I just can't shut my own mouth, therefore i am chatting too much, and after that I was speaking ahead of I are thinking. Sometimes " the clown of the class” can´t be taken really, but I find myself I can and my classmates respect me personally, so it isn't always fun and pranks.


Why is it extremely hard to be a teenager?

For the reason that you happen to be in the era where you are growing up. You will make your own rules, your parents are going to make you alone within a slow process, you are going to end up being an adult and manage your own problems and manage your very own issues. Since teen a lot more a competition

At times you feel like you're the biggest loser and often you're at the very top. Teenager years are the begin of facing reality of life and deciding for each of our future. For me this is the essential part00 of our lives. Because this is the time exactly where we are edges ourselves to match for the life we want.

I can´t emphasis in class

I have the same issue as you. I find myself like I can be just about everywhere, and for my classmate's it´s annoying and i also know it. The best you can do is always to think before you are saying this, try to get enough sleep. Rest is so important for the day. Also eat enough, hunger should be to...