Expense 6Issue 61992 2Disease 7Pupils 4Fictional works 3Protection 4Achieve 7Automobile 2Major-league-baseball 2Magazine 2Tort-law 2Parent 2Great gatsby 2Increased 3Army 4Adams 2Managing 5However 5Size 3Characters 4Brave-new-world 2Poem 10Customers 12Wonderful 6Drink 2Party 2Wanted 2Scope 2Brutus 2Knowledge-management 2Quite 2Further 2Having 2Daisy 2Presently there 3Gene 4Consumer 11Expert 2Love 11Artistic 2Logos 22007 5Slaves 3Our elected representatives 2Likely 2Plans 3Constitution 2Executive 2Selling 2Came 2Followers 2Rural 2Last 5Style 7Equation 2Trend 3Master 4Biology 2Cash 3Test 3Recession 2Game 3Play 3Politics 2Started to be 3Sleep 3Poems 2Emily 5Speech 3Profession 2Managers 3England 4Aldous-huxley 2Environment 12Treat 3Discuss 2Ocean 2Learner 2Days 2Source-code 3Panel 3Primary 2Natural-resource 2Motivated 2Religion 5Escaped 2Bureau 2There 10Gender-role 2Accident 2Object 2Interpersonal-relationship 2Spirit 2Primary-education 3November 3Population 2Changing 2Fourteenth-amendment-to-the-united-states-constitution 2Imports 2Operate 2Approval 2United-states-constitution 22011 21Greatest 4White 5Consumers 10Chinese 6Girl 4Approach 4Countries 13Become 6Taste 2Leaves 4Cannabis 2Involves 3Sexual 2Cultures 2Industry 14Laura 2Migrants 3Property 3Human-rights 3Puritans 2Discrimination 4Current 6Massachusetts 3Mom 3Squander 3Lenin 2Increases 3Dream 2Black-people 3Lives 8Component 2Much 4Crime 2Regular 3Educator 2Businesses 7Regulations 2Mentor 2An additional 2Mcdonalds 3Foods 2Speculation 2Performed 4Credit card fraud 2Individual 5Legal 3Awards 2Euthanasia 2Delhi 2Access 4Incredibly 3Guy 2Comes 5Chemistry 2Armed service 3Physical violence 2Characterisation 2Ethical 3Hand 2Potential 3Soldiers 2Employee 6Travel and leisure 2Heading 2World-wide-web 3Government 6Husband 3Human-resource-management 2Grandma 2Dna 4Division 2Thought 8Experiencing 2Items 4Anger 3Woman 5International 5Egypt 2Holly 2Enzyme 2British 5Substantial 4Philippine 2Died 4Number 6Career 4Video-game 2Course 9Island 2Important 8Morgan 3Market 32Competitors 2Animal 7Direct 2Expenditure 2Share 2Ellis 2Upcoming 2Years 8Lack 2Background 2Father 11Example 7Employed 3Language 6Boston 3Kid 6Completely happy 2Stress 3Slavery-in-the-united-states 2Stages 2Experience 7Organizational-structure 3Adopt 2Monica 2Aircraft 2Response 3Try things out 2Apple-inc 2Directly 2June 2006 2Other folks 4Felt 2Shows 2Produced 3Social-media 3Departments 2Region 7Cognition 2College student 2Interview 3Choice 3Problem 5Just 11Especially 2Strategies 6Producing 3Culture 10Colleges 2Often 2Roaring-twenties 2Html 3Know-how 2Volume 3Abilities 3Contracts 2Hope 4Generate 2Initially 3Excessive 2Iago 3Results 5Publication 3Games 5Mass 3Treatment 3Rock 2Writing 42002 6Main 5Early 3Make 11Family 16Subprime-mortgage-crisis 2Abraham-maslow 2Light 2Clothes 2Contemporary society 2Cryptography 2Challenged 2Versailles 2Electron 3Invoicing 2Then 4Centered 2Harper-lee 2Models 5Heat 2Various 12Overseer 2Vowel 2Produce 5Chart 2Various other 4Electrons 2Clothing 3Dad 2Political-philosophy 2Circumstance 4Duty 2Very 12Audience 5Garments 2Developmental-psychology 7Monetary-policy 2African 5Time 32Adam 2India 22Acidity 22006 10Medical 3Attention 3Ahmad 2Consequence 2East 4Matrimony 2Groups 6Childhood 7Figure 7Kindergarten 3Mobile phones 3Problem-solving 4Letter 2Enjoy 2Special-education 2Learners 7Connected 2Philippines 3Commences 2Essay 5Health-care 4Requirements-analysis 2Natural-environment 2Working 2Discussing 2Patterns 5Very little 4Organism 2Inspiration 3Total 2Designer 2Soldier 3Life 38Overall economy 2Tale 2Democracy 3Pulley 2Christ 2Uses 4Man 6Code 5Gender 3Bonds 2Leadership 6Room 3Daily news 2Rates 3Debate 3Products 12Deal 4Audit 2Project-management 8Additional 6Probability-theory 2Relatives 3Caesar 2Structured 2Relationship 7Seth 2Limited 3Technique 4Statement 21918 2Manager 2Fmcg 2Islam 3Working-class 3Automation 2Depression 2Type 2Place 12Father and mother 4Blacks 2Premium 2Dickinson 2Fetus 4Yourself 4Statistical 2Alcoholism 2Changes 5Aim 2Camera 2Things 7European-union 2Marketplace 6Efficiency 2Factory 2Geert-hofstede 2Quotes 3Job 17These 9Decisions 3Cows 2Architecture 2Maslows-hierarchy-of-needs 3Supply-chain-management 3Romeo 2Supreme-court-of-the-united-states 3Female 4Electronic-commerce 3Radius 2Either 2Based 6Plan 6Recovered 2Club 3Movie 7Monster 3Present 4Considered 5Billion 7Ready 2Vocabulary 2Responsible 2Stream 2Educational-psychology 2Their particular 23Ending 2Morality 8World-war-ii 8Employment 9Web page 2Porter-five-forces-analysis 2Rhetoric 3Analysis 11Feeling 4House 6Police 4Appearance 2Colony 2Societies 2Superb 3Grammatical-tense 2Young 16Study 7Short-story 6Feels 4Atomic 2Taking 2Kate 2Hong-kong 22009 9Race 5Marine 2Certified-public-accountant 2Standard 5Loss of life 3Economy 6Gun 3Emily-dickinson 2Bacteria 2Procedure 5Inventory 3Extremely 18Obligations 2Activity 7Work 17Today 5Airline 3Transform 2Neuron 4Event 4Cognitive-behavioral-therapy 3Reason 2Placed 2Indian 6Shakespeare 22014 7Laptop 3Graduates 2Equipment 3Brien 2Field 7Author 6Progress 2Kill 2David 4War 2Certain 2Lost 3Integrity 6Affect 3Reaction 2Liberty 2Solution 2Section 6Card 2Actions 7Desires 2Atomic-bombings-of-hiroshima-and-nagasaki 2Values 4Classical-mechanics 2Average 2Merchandise 4