Case Study Dissertation

Case Study


Student Name: Clare Puyang Ngau

Student ID: 1300900002

Lecturer Name: Miss Irene Kho

Programme Subject: B. A (Hons) in Event and Tourism Administration Subject Code & Subject: Business Analysis Method – HC 203 Session: Might – September 2010

Job Topic: Case Studies (Assignment 1)


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SUBMISSION TIME: 27th 06 2010

Project 1

Case 1: Staff Loyalty

Query 1:

The challenge statement in such a case is the primitive downsizing in organizations during recession that have crushed the loyalty of millions. Issue 2:

Trouble is defined as the indication of the specific business decision is the fact will be cleared up by answering some exploration questions. First of all, the main statement that can be found in the passage can be downsizing in the organizations. The symptoms obtainable according through what I have got read in the passage are due to recessions, the companies going to take hold of lower recruiting and training costs, higher productivity in the event that customers. Next is the examination of the condition. First thing initially, it is evaluate that the business are having issues in their monetary. In the same time, the organization is trying their finest to retain the staffs as well as terminate some of them. They provide benefits for those who are gonna stay faithful to the firm without being dismissed by the boss. They would not...

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