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UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Undergrad prospectUs 2012-13

Disclaimer every single effort has become made to make certain that the information in this prospectus is correct. the coMsats Institute details technology, however , reserves the justification to make alterations wherever and whenever required. In the event of disparity between the information presented in the prospectus and the Institute's regulations or programs, or perhaps where an interpretation from the prospectus is necessary, the decision in the Institute should be final. The prospectus does not form virtually any part of a contract between any individual and the Institute.

COMSATS Start of Information Technology

coMsats Company of InforMatIon technology

UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

doctor s. M. Junaid Zaidi (sI)

hey there from the parroco

am delighted that you are having a copy of our undergraduate prospectus in your hands and really thinking to make coMsats Commence of Information technology (cIIt) your selection destination for bigger studies. cIIt chartered in 2000, began with a sole classroom, meagre resources, offering a few certificate courses and a postgraduate diploma in computer studies; today stands at an enviable position, having a choice of several campuses, five Faculties, sixteen departments and 67 applications to the prospective college students. In a very little over a ten years since its inception, cIIt today has continued its ahead march, under no circumstances looking back, committed to excellence in educating and exploration.

I would like one to read the prospectus carefully and if you find anything you wish to know much more detail, tend not to hesitate to contact any of each of our faculty members or the entrance office for the campus which you have chosen, who can help and clarify your queries. In modern times, the transformation in the world economy is definitely perennial; technology evolve in neck breaking speeds. these are generally extra ordinary times needing extra regular preparations and efforts. students and parents alike acknowledge the changing tendencies and are eagerly seeking out establishments of higher learning where their thirst, attention and drive for understanding are properly quenched; exactly where all round character development occurs holistically, informed with knowledge and bureaucratic skills plus the drive to lead and do well; where they will take charge of their futures with an open brain, not anxious of anything while exploring their selected fields. since its establishment in 2000 being a degree imparting Institute, cIIt has always been on the forefront of innovation and has enjoyed proactive function in healthy diet and forcing the modern day higher education picture in pakistan. It has more than 18, 500 full time college students studying in a wide range of undergrad, graduate

and research level programs. By providing a broad variety of disciplines, cIIt encompasses problems that are of real curiosity to pros, prospective business employers and to you as students. our company has you, 800 educational and active research researchers. Many of our faculty are of world well known, who performing research with the cutting edge with their respective exercises. their knowledge is mirrored in our teaching and made this company a credible centre of superiority both in quality teaching in addition to research, and the extension for the benefit of world at large through production of goods and providers.

I personally extend to you an invitation to come, go to any of each of our seven campuses, and have the difference that opens your minds and unleashes the hidden abilities and powers. Be a part of the very best to bring out your best. naturally, the future and destiny of pakistan is its glowing and lively youth. practically nothing less than an educated and experienced citizenry can be described as sine quo non of your modern, tolerant, pluralistic and developed pakistan. and, My spouse and i am pleased to survey that cIIt has already contributed more than 12, 000 graduates so far towards the rising range of such learned and very well skilled pakistanis.

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