HR Sector Essay


The Industry of HR in India

Persons Matters March 2011


Ester Martinez, Gautam Ghosh, Rajlakshmi Saikia

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The People Things HR Market Matrix

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How big the Market and Select Players

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The Players – contd.

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Five Challenges

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HR Consulting

• Players: the top four, specialised HR consulting MNCs SME four


local players and specific freelancers.


• Services Offerings:





Human being capital management;

Health and benefits, including retiral strategy and administration; People angle of transformation, mergers and acquisitions;

Feedback and communication (designing and employing


– Data services (salary, rewards benchmarking, job description)

• Service plans currently are definitely more than 50 percent of bigger firms' y



• Scope for foreseeable future growth – integrated skill management and leadership advancement

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Recruiting & Staffing







Players: search, collection and placement companies, task portals, temporary staffing, RPOs, y




, j p






relocation businesses, testing and assessment equipment, applicant checking technologies, backdrop verification services

Senior level (CXO level) hiring -- retained. dominated by the multinational companies which will position themselves as talking to firms. Employing at this level foresees a wholesome and pleasant trend, because the market pertaining to talent becomes global and since many businesses acquire domain focus Central management selecting – dependant - clients pay only if the candidates sign up for their firm. This space is also completely outclassed by MNCs along with a large Of india players. Entry level selection & placement companies - has its own small players that are experts in a location or industry. Loan consolidation will increase since firms take a look at managing low margin business through amounts.

Middle and lower employing has the biggest growth chances as more organization take a look at reducing price and ‘time-to- hire' by means of RPO.


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differentiation i

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based much less on product offering plus more on establishing scale & brand prominence.

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Learning & Development

• Data within the size of this segment in India is not readily accessible

• High number of players

• Support offerings –








Behavioral and management training

B-Schools offering exec level training


• Technology allowed learning will reach good sized quantities and y

will be personalized.

• Will witness quickly growth, because companies begin to look at

teaching as a great investment to improve efficiency.

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HR Technology

• Includes all technology service providers via end-to-end HRMS gy


products, to niche products for recruitment or salaries management or e-learning, to workforce stats tools.

• This market is moving rapidly resulting from demand for built-in support alternatives by American indian firms.

• Indian organizations (SMEs and large organizations) reflection global companies in the way HR technology procurement is led by HR and supported by the internal technology team.

• The IT team bank checks and validates issues like security, overall performance, disaster restoration while HUMAN RESOURCES assesses the functional capacity.

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HR Outsourcing techniques

• Process-driven outsourcing...