If Parrots of a Feather Flock Together Essay

In the event that Birds of any Feather Go Together

" In the event that birds of any feather flock together, that they don't learn enough. ” To me, this quote signifies that you have to be on your own to learn, to grow, and create your individual life. In case you stay in similar place while using same people you will not have chance to determine what more is out there and how lots of things life is offering. Sometimes you will find yourself in the midst of nowhere, and the middle of nowhere fast you find your self. I believe that if you never accept change you will find yourself stuck. You may not have the opportunity to meet new people, and try out new things to find out what you really enjoy!

I do believe that this quote can be very tough because when you read this estimate you think with the people who stick together every day. They learn from one another and pass it on to future years. Throughout our lives we see examples of the same behavior. I believe that folks stick to the same things every day because that is certainly what they are utilized too, and they are scared of transform. I think that if you by no means change you will have a hard time adjusting to the real world sooner or later.

This quote originates from the from the idea of the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus (c. 460 BC), who have stated: " Creatures flock together when ever their fine, doves with doves, and cranes with cranes and so forth. ” Mcdougal Robert 50 percent was entrepreneur. When I researched the estimate on the internet I found that my obtaining were verified. The estimate means you are only since smart because the people you surround yourself with. If you would like to learn more and do more with the life you need to be willing to recognize change and not be scared with the outcome. You have to be willing to open up yourself up and discovering new things and talking to people outside of your comfort zone. Only then can you really learn!