Essay about Things Fall Apart Chapter Proof

Items Fall Apart Chapter Evidence


Inference – Discourse

Calcado reference-

" Okonkwo was well known through the nine villages…”


Okonkwo is introduced, he popular.

Thematic idea advised by evidence-



Okonkwo seems to be adored but as well feared because of his outright anger. Textual reference-

" His spouses, especially the most youthful lived in everlasting fear of his fiery temper…” Context-

As a result of laziness of his father, Okonkwo was harsh and abusive although not cruel. Thematic idea suggested by evidence-

Fear of inability


Okonkwo desires to be nothing like his dad.

Textual reference-

" Okonkwo did not have the start in your life which many young men generally had. ” Context-

His fathers' apathy affected Okonkwos' life in terrible methods. Thematic thought suggested by simply evidence-



Calcado reference-

" The evil you have carried out can damage the whole clan…we shall every perish. ” Context-

Okonkwo has been lucky, but now he may pay for his actions Thematic idea advised by evidence-



Okonkwo is driving his wives away.

Textual reference-

" Yet somehow Okonkwo could by no means become as enthusiastic more than feasts because so many people” Context-

Okonkwo feels the need to job instead of commemorate.

Thematic thought suggested by simply evidence-



Okonkwo is too diligent.

Textual reference-

" They stood rounded in a huge circle leaving the center from the playground free. ” Context-

They are getting ready for the wrestling suits.

Thematic thought suggested by simply evidence-



The fumbling matches can be a big deal among the villages.

Textual reference-

Dazed with dread, Okonkwo drew his cuchillo and slice him down. He was scared of being thought weak. ” Context-

They will, Okonkwo wiped out Ikemefuna.

Thematic idea suggested simply by evidence-



Okonkwo is really full of " pride” that he is becoming more heartless. Calcado Reference-

" He tried out not to consider Ikemefuna, however the more...