Job Explanation Memo Dissertation

Task Description Memo

DDATE: February three or more, 2011

TO: Dr . Edwin Lindsay, PRT 286 Instructor

FROM: Doug Boytos


In response to your demand, I i am glad to gauge and discuss the differences and similarities I use identified among my continue and selected job explanation. I intend to develop a plan for improving my own marketability in the sports supervision job market. To accomplish this goal, Let me compare my personal resume together with the selected task description, speaking about and figuring out the gaps between my resume and job information, and talking about detailed ways of close these types of gaps. 1 ) Comparison of Job application to Picked Job/Internship Description While looking for available job opportunities in the sports management field, We located a job offer in the Sales and Marketing sector of the NASCAR sector. The position offered is for the Senior Administrator of Corporate and business Motor Sports for the NASCAR Press Group in Charlotte, New york. According to NASCAR's work description, they can be searching for an applicant who will end up being an most up-to-date self-starter who may have some standing or existence in the NASCAR Industry or perhaps closely related field. The responsibilities and duties of this job include executing an organized sales plan to deliver product sales results that meet/exceed company goals/objectives, positively solicit current and potential clients with possibilities positioning NASCAR Media Group and its items, services and also other capabilities as the solution and resources to fulfill the Industry's needs, and proactively sell off and close business simply by leveraging current industry interactions and fostering new ones. In developing my plan for improving my marketability, My spouse and i began by simply comparing my personal resume together with the selected work description. My resume contains information about my personal education, work experience, skills, activities, and recognizes I have received. While comparing my resume with the task description, I came across several commonalities. The most effective connection among my continue and the job...