Needs, Would like Analysis and Marketing Mixture of Bussines Phone Essay

Needs, Wants Evaluation and Marketing Mix of Bussines Phone



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This assignment covers the idea of the customer's needs and wants. Customers make use of several products to get satisfying the requirements and would like. This assignment presents precisely what is consumer/customer's basic needs and wants specifically product which can be explained theoretically with the help of particular example of one industry through this assignment. Here we have considered two option products from your same industry and compare their marketing mix. Below we have used two business mobile phones known as Nokia and Blackberry and how they treat customer's requires and wants and what is the difference between market blend these two business mobile phones. CATEGORY: CONSUMER TOUGH


Consumer Long lasting:

The Consumer Durables industry involves durable items and appliances for home-based use including televisions, freezers, air conditioners and washing machines. Musical instruments such as mobile phones and appliances like microwave ovens are usually included in this category. The sector has been seeing significant development in recent years, helped by several drivers including the emerging retail boom, real estate and enclosure demand, increased disposable income and an overall increase in the degree of affluence of your significant section of the population. The industry is usually represented simply by major international and native players including BPL, Videocon, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericssion, Samsung, Ti (symbol), Whirlpool, etc . In last decade American indian mobile phone industry has observed a remarkable growth. Low-cost mobile handsets, affordable airtime rates, low initial expense and affordable monthly rentals made it easy for anybody to travel mobile. As per latest figures India has around 150 million mobile phone subscribers. Mobile phone operators are using mainly two basic technology in India, GSM and CDMA. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Marketing and sales communications and it is the most widely used portable technology on the globe with a couple of billion readers in 212 countries. Code division multiple access or CDMA is yet another mobile technology used in India.


Nokia is one of the most cherished and speediest growing brands in the world. A respected player in mobile marketing and sales communications all over the world, NOKIA first started operations more than 30 years ago. * Nokia is a Finland based company incorporated in 1967.

* Nokia started of as a pulp, rubber and cable developing company simply by Knut Fredrik Idestam in 1865. * Finnish Plastic Works attained Nokia Wooden Mills phone and Telegraph cables. 2. Nokia began developing the digital move (Nokia DX 200) which in turn became a success. * In the 1970s, Nokia started taking a working interested in the ability and electronic business. 5. In 1987, consumer electronic digital became Nokia's major organization. * Among 1992 and 1996, the business exited in the rubber and cable business * Aug 1997 Nokia- GSM devices to 59 operators in 31 countries * Nokia offers a variety of mobile devices together with the experience in music, video and imaging. * Nokia entered in India in 1994.

* Nokia 2110- first ever GSM call.

* Functioning office India- New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad * R and d facility in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai * 1995- First mobile phone call made in India on the Nokia cellphone on a Nokia network 5. 1998- Saare Jahaan Se Acchha, initial Indian ringtone in a Nokia 5110 2. 2004- Saral Mobile Sandesh, Hindi SMS on a wide range of Nokia phones 5. 2004- Initially Wi-Fi Phone- Nokia Communicator (N9500)

2. 2005- Community UI in additional regional language

5. 2006- Nokia manufacturing plant in Chennai

2. 2007- 1st vernacular media portal

Nokia E Series Phones - Impressive...

References: * 2004- Saral Mobile phone Sandesh, Sms hindi on a a comprehensive portfolio of Nokia telephones

* 2004- First Wi fi Phone- Nokia Communicator (N9500)

* About October 12, 2005, cellular phone manufacturer Nokia announced the particular company calls the Electronic series, consisting of the three cellphones, the Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70.

* On May 18, 06\, Nokia released the addition of the E50 for the series, which will it refers to as a " business device" rather than a " Smartphone".