Negative Effects of Cell Phone about Teenagers Dissertation

Unwanted effects of Cell Phone on Teens

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The Unwanted side effects of Facebook or myspace on teens in Dhaka

The Negative Effects of Facebook . com On Young adults in Dhaka

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5th January, 2013

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My spouse and i am very happy to submit the report in " The Negative Effects of Facebook about Teenagers in Dhka” as the requirement for completion of the program titled " Composition and Communication skills”. I have accumulated the information of internet and examined and prepared this report. Working away at this survey, I have learned all about the negative effects of facebook . com in Dhaka on a large number of articles. I would like to convey my complements for you to give me this kind of report. My own efforts will be successful if you would acknowledge this record. Sincerely

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It really is my delight to submit the extended dissertation on " The Unwanted side effects of Facebook on Young adults in Dhaka”. First of all, I would really prefer to recognize the luminous Allah that has given me the capability to complete this essay.

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" The Negative Effects of Facebook on teenagers in Dhaka”

Thesis statement: fb causes many negative effects about teenage users in Dhaka city.

Program of advancement:

1 . results on overall health

2 . results on culture

3. results on analyze

4. reduction are about his/her surrounding.

1st physique para: facebook or myspace causes negative effects on teens health.


1 . emotional effects.

installment payments on your harmful intended for eyes.

several. reducing outdoor gaming

four. sleeping disorder

2nd body para: facebook or myspace causes unwanted side effects on our culture.


1 . changing our dressing style

2 . changing each of our way of thinking

a few. have a major effects on language

3rd bodu afin de: fcebook causes negative effects about teenagers study


1 ) reducing coming back study

2 . changing publishing style

three or more. reducing away knowledge

fourth body Afin de: A teenage FB users does not care regarding his/her around because of facebook addiction.


1 . much less family matter

2 . much less social connection.

Fb is the planet's largest online social network. This is the most commonly used website. This is well known as to have created a very strong network of connection. Facebook is definitely helping young adult connect with their friends, and relatives via all over the world. It makes man begin lifestyle much easier. Yet , since Fb is getting well-known, bad points start to come about. The services incorporate some effects to the individuals. The teenagers of Dhaka also getting affected from this effects. Facebook are getting to be so popular today that they are the main words on the lips of every teenager. Fb has more than 750 large numbers users today. Teenagers wish to spend most of their time checking their Facebook changes. Dhaka is definitely the capital city of Bangladesh right here most of the young adult using Facebook or myspace. Facebook has some negative effects on the health of our teenager. Teenagers spend lots of time looking at their status, commend etc . Facebook causes eye stress due to the amount of time spent on the computer. Facebook as well snatches away any type of physical activity. Throughout the site, teens have the ability to set their best do it yourself forward, but what does this indicate? Facebook offers us to be able to put forth just what we want teenager to learn and see. We all only set up the best pictures of themselves, the most mental statuses and...