Essay about Overpopulation as being a Social Problem

Overpopulation as a Social Problem

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04 25, 2011

Overpopulation like a Social Problem

In our globe today, there are shocking numbers. For example , three or more people are born every second, 170 people are born every sixty seconds, 10, 1000 people are delivered every hour, and 240, 000 people are born every day (Heyword, d. d. ). The world's population happens to be approximately 6. 9 billion dollars people, the sustainable inhabitants level depending on available solutions is approximately 2-3 billion people, based on a ecu standard of living (" Current population is three times the environmentally friendly level”, 2010). With these shocking amounts in mind, not necessarily hard to believe that overpopulation is a concern in the world today, altering countries in nearly every place. For the record, overpopulation is not only a complete cement concept; a number of opinions are present in deciding criteria for overpopulation and deciding which in turn countries must be labeled " overpopulated. ” However in this kind of paper, this questions relating to overpopulation will probably be addressed in hopes of developing a better comprehension of overpopulation and just how it affects many countries of the world: Precisely what is overpopulation? Exactly where are some places in the world that are heavily overpopulated? Why is overpopulation a sociable problem? Exactly what some solutions that have been accomplished to address overpopulation? What is overpopulation?

In discussing human population, overpopulation occurs when the population of a nation, city, or area surpasses the amount of resources available in that area during a given period of time. In other words, the idea of overpopulation not simply depends on the scale the population, nevertheless the ratio of population to sustainable solutions available (" Overpopulation”, 2011). Overpopulation likewise depends on the approach that methods are used and distributed through the entire population, significant or small. For example , very low population areas like desert or arctic areas can be viewed as overpopulated in case the amount of resources obtainable is too little to support human existence. Essentially, overpopulation affects resources on two different amounts: basic existence sustaining methods and standard of living resources. An area can be mostly considered overpopulated if assets such as clean water, clean air, food, shelter, and warmth are in shortage, but areas can also be considered overpopulated if selected quality of life assets are involved, such as medical treatment, education, clean sewage treatment, and waste disposal (" Overpopulation”, 2011). In which are some locations in the world which can be heavily overpopulated? The Optimum Populace Trust, the industry British organization that promoters population control in the United Kingdom, produced an overpopulation index that ranks countries of the world simply by assessing three different main criteria: per capita consumption (ecological footprint) versus per capita biologically productive potential (measured in global hectares per capita), self-sufficiency versus dependency, and actual human population versus sustainable population. According to this index, the five most overpopulated countries on the planet are Singapore, Israel, Kuwait, Korea Republic, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Belgium. Though China and India are two of one of the most typically developed overpopulated countries, they respectively rank twenty ninth and thirty third on the index because they are partially less influenced by other countries for methods (" Overpopulation index”, 2010). The Optimum Human population Trust claims that this helps to demonstrate that overpopulation is not only a matter of population size or denseness.

Why is overpopulation a cultural problem?

Deficiency of resources that defines overpopulation makes overpopulation a interpersonal problem and leads to various other social concerns. The most obvious result of overpopulation is land consumption. Close to 90% of the worlds food is usually produced in land. The more land that's needed is for living decreases the amount of land which can be...

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