Essay regarding Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project, Component 1

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project, Part one particular


Patton-Fuller Community Medical center Networking Task, Part one particular

Bill Mundt

University of Phoenix

CMGT 554: THIS Infrastructure

Patton-Fuller Community Medical center Networking Project, Part one particular

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital can be an industry innovator in delivering high quality health care. The company offers implemented a large number of clinical devices like a radiology information system (RIS), a great Operating Area system, and the hospital's HIS system. Several of these systems happen to be critical towards the organizational of course, if impacted by performance or a great outage, patient safety would be at stake. Based upon the information furnished by the circumstance, the business is in need of evaluating their particular current network infrastructure. Applying a high available and trustworthy network will assist the business make sure clinicians focus on patients rather than IT. Data Transmission

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's critical devices utilize the seven different levels of the Open Systems Connect (OSI) model standard to get transmitting and becoming data. Conversation between end nodes over a network can be accomplished through OSI layers 4 through 7. The bottom layers, a few – one particular, handle conversing within the nodes on the Internetwork. When working with an application including the hospital's RIS or HIS, OSI layers 5 – 7 happen to be specifically designed for managing data flow. While data is usually moved through the local area network, OSI layers 1-4 occurs, moving your data across the wire connections and wifi network. The entire OSI style layers are used while mailing the data packets, utilizing the header until reaching the physical layer. For the MRI is definitely processed on the modality, the packet header leaves the applying layer several then trips down to the physical part (1-3), where it journeys through the network until it gets to its destination, the PACS server. Once it gets to the PACS server, physical layer, this travels again through the entire OSI layer until it finally reaches part 7. A great...

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