Essay regarding Promotion of Solar Home System

Promotion of Solar power Home Program

Promo of Photo voltaic Home Program Activities- Experience of Rural Solutions Foundation (RSF) Md. Ruhul Quddus, Professional Director, Rural Services Foundation Email: ruhul. [email protected] org; [email protected] com


Rural Providers Foundation (RSF), an initiative of Rahimafrooz was included in 2006 like a ‘not to get profit' firm with a view to market renewable energy systems in rural area which has a sustainable business structure.

Solar power Home System (SHS) can be an application of photovoltaic technology and widely accepted pertaining to rural electrification. In our country like Bangladesh, where considerable numbers of persons live in remote control and hard to get at area again due to lack of grid infrastructure, people won't be able to get typical electricity and so SHS is the foremost solution for home lighting for all those areas.

Main Activities of RSF

Organization activities

• SHS (Solar Home System)

• Biogas plant

• ICS (Improved Cooking Stove)

Social development activates

• Rehabilitation software for anglers group affected by SIDR • RSF Poribesh Utsab Award for SSC level pupil

• RSF Model College & College or university development intended for the below privileged child

RSF Assistance Network & Human Resources

To enhance the service network, RSF has built 328 unit offices in remote rural areas of Bangladesh and the number of unit office will be 435.00 by Summer 2011. RSF has decentralized its procedure by developing 8 zonal offices. Almost all operations are executed coming from unit offices which is substantially monitored by 57 regional offices. Regional offices reviews to the zonal office and zonal office buildings submit an extensive monthly are accountable to the head business office for its evaluation of field operation. Today the business procedure is monitoring through ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING. All the unit offices are connected through computer and mobile network. Out of 328 device offices, unelectrified 60 device offices are powered simply by solar PV program to run the ICT network.

Before opening the device office RSF conducts a primary survey to discover the energy needs of the locality and their socio-economic condition. After the survey shows that area is likelihood of dissemination of renewable energy technology then RSF take initiative to open a brand new unit business office to serve the area. Currently 1, 800 staffs work at discipline level and a lot of them are technical professionals. Detailed flow data

Head Office

RSF hq is situated in Dhaka. Organization head and departmental mind and their assisting staffs will work in the hq however occasionally they visit the field to find out the opportunity of business and its setup. Main responsibility of head office is to find out the business prospect, development of annual business plan and strategic plan, managing the financial concerns. In addition purchase and supply sequence management is likewise part of hq. RSF accounting, credit management, inventory and cash flow is definitely centrally handled and been able through ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING.

Zonal Workplace

RSF divide its total field into eight zones every zone is definitely controlled by the particular zonal office buildings. Zonal office buildings are composed of all departments like HOURS, accounts, THIS, maintenance, products on hand, operation and audit. Zonal manager is definitely the head of zonal business office. All ecuries except examine team are accountable to zonal supervisor. Zonal director has to manage all discipline operations through its product offices. Target is set by simply head office according to total annual business plan. About 40 to 50 product offices will be managed by simply each zonal office.

Regional Office

A region is definitely consists of five to six unit office buildings. One regional manager deals with the operation of a regional office. Local office is attached to any unit business office and the local manager continually supervises the field activities of all device offices under its territory. Regional administrator directly studies to the zonal manager providing a copy...