Essay regarding Q1 Q2 living by number

Q1 Q2 living by number

п»їStatement of the Problem

Marine Corp was the maritime alternatives provider intended for the Suria group of companies. Hafiz was the Chief Economic Officer (CFO) of the Sea Corp, who was responsible for the financial supervision of Marine Crop. The first problem is, Hafiz confront dilemma situation whether to approach economic earnings which includes required by simply SURIA group, Value Structured Management (VBM) or employ profits while practiced by the Marine Corp to report the economical performance of Marine Crop and its subsidiaries.

Cause of the challenge

The issue that has stress in Marine Corp is the Primary Financial Official, Hafiz was at dilemma. This occured when Hafiz was dilemma if to use monetary earnings as required by the Group or profits because practised by simply Marine Corp to statement the monetary performance of Marine Corp and its subsidiaries. Since Hafiz was uncertain of whether to work with economic revenue as essential by the group or earnings that is practice by Marine Corp this individual should have tune in to the tips that has been given by his president. Economic profits are establish as how much money a business be ready to earn, if, perhaps there are zero changes in the ability or capacity to generate its product or service (Dictionary, 2014).

Decision Criteria and Alternative Alternatives

Because of the President of SURIA Group wants to use the Value Based Management (VBM) Unit, the value of the organization would be measured by economical earnings. The calculation for economic income can be measured as comply with: Economic Income = NOPAT – (WACC X Typical Invested Capital) In determining economic earnings, all companies within the Group had to apply a 10% cost of capital as per SURIA's requirements. Via Appendix G, it displays the companies' NOPAT, Normal Invested Capital and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and from that information, the performance of each and every company may be measured while follow:

The calculation above displays economic income for each business. Green Dock would have unfavorable economic generating which means that the significance of company is usually destroyed and investment to this company should be avoided. Apparently Green Slot failed to offer higher comes back than the expense of capital. Additionally , the high cost of dredging and financial charges incurred in Green Dock also could possibly be the reasons for eliminating value to happen. Meanwhile, Sungai Emas and MarineCorp might have positive financial earnings which show the fact that companies created value and investment to these companies must be done because it offer higher returns than the cost of capital. So , we can deduce that MarineCorp has the better financial performance compared with Green Port and Sungai Emas Port. Even though Green Dock has the maximum profit based upon NOPAT however the company offers negative economic earnings whereas the company basically has destroy value. There are lots of cause that can destroy the significance which are because of the net of operating earnings that include the dredging cost. Maybe the dredging price that has been use by Green Port's Basic Manager, Anita Osman is usually higher so that she wish to hand over the cost to guarantee the company gain profit. Revenue Based:

Green Port (RM)

Sungai Emas Port(RM)


27 370 609

5 841 524

15 348 792

Profit Margin sama dengan Net Earnings / Net Sales

Green Port

Sungai Emas Dock


Net profit

twenty-seven 370 609

5 841 524


Net Revenue

96 184 171

twenty-four 311 065


Earnings Margin

28. 46%

24. 03%

twenty eight. 89%

Current Ratio= Current Assets as well as Current Liabilities

Green Interface

Sungai Emas Port

Marine Corp

Current Assets




Current Financial obligations




Current Ratio

1 . 13

2 . 96

2 . 47

In term of ratio, revenue margin demonstrates Marine Corp is the bigger percentage which usually 28. 89% and comply with by Green Port. Nevertheless , Sungai Emas Port offers lower revenue margin, 24. 03% nevertheless the company offers higher current ratio wherever is means an indication of your company's capacity to...