Essay about Review of Related Literature before Chili Utilized Only since Spices Because of Its Taste. Down the road, It Was Found out as a...

Review of Related Literature in past times Chili Was Used Only because Spices For its Taste. Down the road, It Was Uncovered as a Very good Mosquito Killer Because of Its Pesticidal Property. While Kamias (Ginger Lily) Was Also





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The Feasibility of Chili (Capsicum frutescens) and Kamias (Hedychium coronarium) since Mosquito Killer


Within our world, the flavor of the chili was not well-known to some persons because it is hot and spicy, hot, and intensely less aroma when enjoyed but due to its taste it truly is later on found that soup was a very good mosquito great because of its pesticidal property while kamias was also utilized as essence but it was discovered that they have properties such as astringent, stomachic, refrigerant and anti scorbutic. Other researchers use kamias as wine but in this research the proponents was going to test the properties of kamias fresh fruit with soup as a bug killer.


This examine is done by researcher to provide importance towards the chili and kamias fruit. Not just in food, but the researcher wanted to produce a bug killer out of them. For all we know that soup has been tried and tested to be the great ingredient in mosquito great making and what if it can be added by acidic property of kamias fruit? The researcher planned to know the a result of the put together property of each and every fruit. And this study should determine the result of the said mosquito great (chili and kamias).

Review of related Literature

Before chili utilized only while spices due to its taste. Down the road, it was found out as a great mosquito great because of its pesticidal property.

While kamias (ginger lily) was also employed in food seasonings before. Down the line, it was discovered by Battistelli in 1939 that it features properties including astringent, stomachic, refrigerant and antiscorbutic. A few of the researchers right now are having kamias as wine beverages but in this kind of study the researcher wants to test the properties of the kamias fruit together with the soup.


This insect killer (chili and kamias) is cheaper than the...