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Serial Position Effect


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Job Title: Study Report (Assignment 2) To ascertain if the serial position of a word, impacts word recall by analyzing the primacy and recency effect. Zero of Terms: 2, 259

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To ascertain if the serial position of a phrase, influences word recall by analysing the primacy and recency result


" Memory will not comprise just one unitary system, but rather a multitude of interacting devices, each capable of encoding or joining information, storing it and making it available by retrieval” (Daddeley, 2013, p. 18). This analyze was designed to appearance more tightly at the recollection and in particular to look at if our ability to remember a list of phrases is afflicted with serial position of the phrases. It will particularly analyse if recall can be influenced by primacy and recency impact. This information may well have key consequences along the way we perform a variety of responsibilities, e. g. prepare for an interview, study intended for an exam etc . The results with the study offered strong evidence that word recall is usually affected by the serial placement of the terms, however it mentioned that the recency effect might not have as great an influence as previously believed. This study will file the steps involved with this test, as they had been completed, in addition to the results of the study, which were illustrated by using histograms using SPSS. This study could be easily replicated by following things outlined inside the following pages.


Each day each of us uses our memory space, either in memory storage space or memory retrieval. Many studies have looked at the processes active in the retention info, the difference between short term recollection and long-term memory and also the effect this will have on how we remember this information. The multi-store version has been fundamental to advocates understanding of recollection and its capabilities. According to Atkinson & Shiffrin, (1968) there are three different types of storage storage; Sensory Stores

Short term retail outlet

Long term shop

First of all there are sensory stores, which will process technique specific details (e. g. hearing, smell) very in brief before they are developed by the short or long term stores. In respect to Miller (1956) the Short Term retail store has incredibly limited capacity. He concluded that the maximum number units that an individual can recall without error, was normally " seven additionally or without two” (Eysenck & Keane. (2010). p. 207). Miller expanded this by stating if we ‘chunked' words in phrases or perhaps sentences, which are related, we increase our ability to maintain information inside our short term memories. Ebbinghaus (1885) was amongst the first to analyze memory with his study in forgetting. He proposed the serial situation effect, which outlines that when recalling items on a list, the position of the items can be hugely important.

Murdock (1962) conducted research for the serial placement effect. This individual asked participants in his examine to learn a directory of words, differing in length coming from 10 to 30 terms and then asked them to call to mind the words. What he discovered was, that participants had been more likely to remember words initially or end of the list, but all those in the middle of checklist were usually forgotten. Murdock maintained those items in the beginning of the list had entered the people's long term storage, as they experienced time to...

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