Essay regarding Short Reports by Selected Women Freelance writers

Brief Stories by Selected Ladies Writers

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College of Arts and Sciences

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All of us, Cheah Kaye Rosales and Charisma J. Tabingo, declare that this research is probably first. This research was made through our greatest and expertise and was done by all of us.

Cheah Kaye Rosales Panache J. Tabingo Researchers

March 2013

Time Signed

Short Stories simply by Selected Girls Writers

An Undergraduate Thesis

Presented for the Faculty in the

College of Arts and Sciences

College or university of Southeastern Philippines

Bo. Obrero, Davao City

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirments for the amount

Of Bachelor of Arts in Literature

Cheah Kaye Rosales

Charisma L. Tabingo

October 2013


ROSALES, CHEAH KAYE and TABINGO, CHARISMA J., School of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City, " Short Reports by Selected Women Writers”

Adviser: Prof. Dayenne Sipaco

This study was conducted to look for the usual Form of the five short testimonies. It is also assessed the events and character's scenario in the account. The Formalistic Approach utilized in the research. The study discovered that the writings of the five authors Kerima Polotan Tuvera, Aida Arroyo Ford and Irish Shiela Crisostomo demonstrate their wonderful knowledge of the Philippine record. This analyze was conducted through the use of Formalistic Approach. The researchers obtained all five short testimonies by picked women writers and browse the story, examined and studied. The experts use the formalistic approach to evaluate the form with the study. We choose form for easy to make the framework of this research. Furtheremore, this kind of study evaluate the elements used in Kerima Polotan-Tuvera's The Virgin and A House Full of Daughters, Aida Rivera-Ford's Appreciate in the Cornhusk and The chieftest Mourner and Iris Shiela G. Crosostomo's The Steel Brassiere. The chapter you included the challenge and its establishing. It is also range from the statement of the problem, the value of the analyze, scope and limitation from the study and definition of thr elements utilized. The chapter 2 discusses the review of related literature and studies, the plot overview and the author's biographies and the approach employed in the study. Theoretical and conceptual framework was also included. Inside the chapter 3, the research design and style, research instrument, research process and research locale are also included in this chapter. Presentation, research and meaning which utilized formalistic way were in chapter some. The synopsis, conclusion and recommendation were shown in chapter 5. The desks of the five short stories are in the appendices like the elements found in this analyze.


In partial fulfillment of the requirements for their education, Bachelor of Arts in literature, thesis entitled " Short Testimonies by Chosen Women Writers” prepared and submitted by Cheah Kaye Rosales and Charisma T. Tabingo, is definitely hereby suggested for acceptance and approval.

Prof. Dayenne Sipaco


Approved by the Committee about Oral Defense with a grade of _______.


Panelist Panelist

Recognized as incomplete fulfillment from the requirements pertaining to the degree, Bachelor of Artistry in Literary works.

DR . MILAGROS D. ARQUILLANO DR . EVEYTH P. DELIGERO Director, Night Program Leader, College of Arts and Sciences


The researchers would like to thank the following people who helped a lot in making this research and study:

Prof. Dayenne Sipaco, ourv adviser, thank you for assisting us to create and finish this kind of study, i want to thank your...