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This kind of year's 18 days of workings to end physical violence against girls has just come to a close. This time allowed us to reflect on the progress which has been made in Pakistan and put a spot light on what remains being done.

Modify is happening. Set aside seats for women in countrywide and provincial governments had been a real accomplishment, putting increasingly more women in positions of power, whom are promoting women's legal rights and forcing for more laws.

The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Action and Chemical p Control and Acid Criminal offenses Prevention Invoice were unanimously passed in the Senate, promising punishments for many who force females into marriage, deny women their inheritance, or damage them with acid. Legislation is already in place to protect women by harassment at work. Important legal guidelines on home-based violence is pending. Moving legislation is a critical first step, now we must all always push for doing it to be properly implemented also to change a lot of entrenched mindsets.

Despite this progress, Pakistan remains to be bottom from the league (ranked 133 out of 135 countries) in the World Economic Forum's Global Sexuality Gap survey published last month. And earlier this summer, Pakistan was labelled the third biggest place in the earth for women by Thomson Reuters Foundation, due to the prevalence of domestic physical violence, so-called ‘honour' killings, compelled marriages, afeitado and physical and sexual abuse.

Countless women in Pakistan do not have access to basic education, medical, family preparing, finance, or jobs. Two-thirds of women aren't read or write.

And also being unjust, Pakistan is definitely missing out on the talent and productivity of half their population, having back economic growth and opportunity: even more equal countries have bigger rates of economic expansion.

The creator of Pakistan, Jinnah, don't think gender inequality was acceptable even in the 20th century and neither does the UK; therefore the UK's Department for International Expansion...