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Balila, Ronalyn C.

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Reyes, Joshua Clifford A.

Samson, Jomari R.

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Ms. Jocelyn Tejada

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March 2013

Chapter IВ


In the current modern times, solutions have become a vital part of our lifestyle. It helps us to have an easier and more cozy life. From this competing universe, the students should have to learn a lot when it comes to education. Everything can not be taught by a teacher or perhaps in school. To face big challenges in life, college students take up extra learning which can be done through personal computers or even through using distinct gadgets just like Smartphones. These computers and other handheld devices including Smartphones can be used for his or her personal or recreational activities just like listening to music, watching movies or videos, chatting, surfing around, playing games while others. We can likewise express the feelings through it.

The work of the learners became easier in looking information they need to learn. Technology has been element of our life like language, ritual values, artistry and more. Additionally, it affects each of our ways of thinking that can play a role in a more accelerating country. The pc technology offers an opportunity for learners with the physical, emotional, and mental disabilities to acquire general access to equipment and opportunities for learning. Students have been completely benefited via most efficient info flows, less cost and fast interaction. Instead of browsing books to look for information they want, students can search and access data in just a mere seconds. They can likewise receive even more opinions about topic. As a result, students take time to learn anything at all they want to, making these technological inventions turns into essential to education.

The technology on the market today has made loads of knowledge open to students, that provide great prospect of the speed and style of learning. Information is usually presented in so many techniques any type learner, whether talented or incapable, can find and use the necessary material. This kind of fact pertains not only to the web, but to every many scientific improvements in not only in learning but likewise in the field of communication and entertainment. One good case in point is applying Smartphones.

From a technical perspective, Smartphones is a mobile phone with built-in applications and Access to the internet. In addition to digital voice service, modern day smartphones provide text messaging, email-based, Web surfing around, still and video cameras, Mp3 music player and online video playback and calling. Moreover to their built-in functions, cell phones run myriad free and paid applications, turning the once single-minded cellphone right into a mobile pc. Whether it is hand held, in a bank, on a bookbag, clipped to a belt, or hidden in a short case or perhaps purse, scholars and cellular telephones go together. В Communication with fellow learners, professors, father and mother, and everyone different is just a close this article. While strolling across campus and throughout the halls of academic buildings, cellphones are being used. В In spite of the fact that, applying Smartphones can benefits us a lot and has become a part of our everyday living but still there are some effects that could harm us specifically for those students spending much of their particular time in using Smartphones instead of in learning resulting to a fair academic activities. Always bear in our mind that employing modernized solutions like Cell phones can be very valuable when is utilized enough and in a right approach.

Statement from the problem

a. How will the researchers determine the effect of using smartphones to the selected students of STI College Sta. Maria? m. Why does...