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Archives of Applied Technology Research, 2012, 4 (5): 2184-2190 (


Effect of Rhythmic Aerobic Training in Mood Position Profile and Salivary First Amylase in nonathlete Learners M Yektayar1, M Saham2, S Ahmadi3 and M Khodamoradpoor1


Department of Sport Science, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch, Usa 2 Beheshti University GC, Tehran, Serbia 3 Department of Physical Education Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of rhythmic cardiovascular training in mood status profile and salivary leader amylase in male and female students. 85 nonathlete learners (40 female, ages: 21 years old В± 2, Weight: 49 В± almost 8, Height: 163 В± a few and forty five male, age groups: 21 В± 2, weight: 68 В±10, Height: 176 В±5) who were physically in perfect health insurance and had not any history of disease or medicine consumption, especially steroids, had been selected; based on the character grades from the pre-test these were randomly divided into two sets of control (20 girls and 20 boys) and teaching (20 young ladies and twenty boys). Ideal to start group performed rhythmic exercise for 12 weeks; each session survived 60 minutes which include 10 minutes because warm up exercises with basic aerobic movements, 40 mins as the main part (which started together with the intensity of 140bpm and reached to 160bpm in final sessions), and 5 minutes of nonimpact aerobic movements and stretches for trying to cool off, by which ideal to start session ended. The control group did not participate in any training courses during the analyze. During 12 weeks, drool samples were collected 5 times (10 minutes before starting physical exercise, of equally training and control teams, and 10 minutes following cooling down from the training group, in the initial, eighth, fifteenth,...