Essay about Ss7 Network Architechture

Ss7 Network Architechture

SS7 Network Architecture:

Every nodes in a network may well have different functions but they all will need to have necessary " within node" features to communicate employing SS7. A node with SS7 within node features is known as SP (Signaling Point). All SPs in the SS7 network has to be connected committed signaling stations or backlinks. Possible SPs in a SS7 Network:

- Switching Offices

- OAM (Operational, Administrational and Maintenance) centers. Found in the managing of SS7 network. Collecting statistics etc . - SCP ( Support Control Point) is used to supply service to the network including ANI, payment, 1-800 quantity translations and so forth It has a connected SSP (Switching Service Point) which is a committed STP and it's role should be to send inquiries to SCP and recive replies coming from SCP. - STP (Signal Transfer Point) is used to concentrate signaling information in the switching workplace, switch text messages in SS7 network, offer access to SCP. The nodes in the SS7 networks will be connected through SLs (Signaling Links). At times they are connected with more than one hyperlink and this time it's referred to as LS (Link Set). the types of links between your nodes in the SS7 network are under: - A web link (Access Link) connect signaling end items such as office buildings, SCPs or STPs. -- B Website link (Bridge Link) connects diverse mated STPs.

- C Link (Cross Link) connects members of any mated match.

- D Link connects local STP pair to regional STP FOREX pair.

-- E Website link connects excessive traffic STP FOREX to an added pair of STP. - N Link enables load posting between SS7 offices, provide extra redundancy and trustworthiness. SS7 Node Architecture:

SS7 is designed in a layered architecture like OSI style. It provides overall flexibility because changes can be designed to one level without influencing the others. SS7 is a four Level Arthitecture:

3 from the 4 levels form MTP (Message Transfer Part) plus the 4th level is the End user Part. MTP: To provide reliable transport and delivery pertaining to messages. Communications from the Customer and App part of an SS7 node are handed...