Essay about Students financial management system of Easwest colleges

Students economical management system of Easwest colleges

CHAPTER I actually


The 21st Century also referred to as the computer time. The era that rapidly and simultaneously changed the transition of human activity. The computer technologies enormously, drag-up the velocity and quality of living. With the major factors broughtup by pcs, accuracy is definitely apparently moving upward to standardize just about every activity, and latency is the central target being eradicated, to produce and increase: aiming for the heaven of convenience.

At this point, vast sphere of information may be easily utilized, people are stimulated to numerous choices and almost every thing is offered in simply no second. With all of these superb things technology can offer, everyone is desire for this excellent transformation made possible for every end user which they referred to as " Automation”. To lessen arsenic intoxication manual effort in some discipline of almost every single transaction, from industries, office buildings, schools, actually homes are now vulnerable with this remarkable phase of development. The majority of the establishments and learning organizations nowadays happen to be dealing with automation which provides reliability, rate, and convenience to accommodate large amount of ventures, most specifically is the economical management procedures. Making repayment easier when compared to a basis, it speeds up the accessing of information in the form of requests and offers dependable and more prepared data processing. The wide application of this transitional advancement, improves proficiency and success of every organization far past the usual setting of creation. Moving forward and reaching for the paramount specifications of the complex and competitive arena Web-based Student's Financial Management System with the East Western world Colleges


of organization. In the present, automation of transactions like cashiering and other process considering the complete functionality of financial management devices is more popular as powerful form of improvement; furthermore it assists build a solid image intended for the business.

Making the most of the advances in technology, new FMIS tasks are designed with better focus on the quality and reliability of information to minimize the risk of problem and increase the reliability of systems. Wide-spread use of central Webbased ICT solutions on high-speed countrywide networks provides contributed considerably to the performance of FMIS projects considering that the early 2000s. [JOAN 2010]

In addition to that, quite a few studies have been conducted to boost the function of the undeniably incredible associated with automation.

1 ) 1 History of the Research

The East West Colleges (EWC) is found in the gateway of Davao Oriental, the Municipality of Banaybanay. The school is already working for almost 8-10 years; this started their operation back in 2005.

This kind of tertiary institution offers CHED and TESDA approved baccalaureate and technical-vocational courses. Due to the rigid competition with other huge Competitors in the same field, the school organized to add one other block of discipline. In q2 of school 12 months 2008-2009, the college applied for a ladderized study course

in W. S.

Information Technology and in the current (EWC) has already been operating using its fourth

Web-based Student's Economical Management System from the East West Colleges


year in handling Bachelors of Research in Information Technology (BSIT), the school's initial four years course presented.

In the mission of distributing quality education, EWC opened for supplementary level aiming to widen it is market in neuro-scientific learning. For the past struggling years, the school got grown solid with the enhance of its population, despite having the presence of adversities on possessing against competition.

With the developing population with this learning company, transaction can be expected to expand parallel while using number of learners, and as a school that produces IT teachers it is guaranteed to blend-in

with the current developments of technology, particularly in

automation of its transactions....