Essay regarding The Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages of The Cheesecake Manufacturer

The Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages in the Cheesecake Manufacturer


The Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages with the Cheesecake Stock Business 90

October 24, 2013

The Cheesecake Stock opened their first informal upscale cafe in 1978 in Beverly Hills, California. The restaurant emerged by way of the " The Cheesecake Factory” retail outlet founded by Evelyn and Oscar Overton. Their child David Overton set out to offer their friends more than just cheesecake. What The Cheesecake Factory set out to accomplish developed more competitive advantages for itself. Although all businesses have got weaknesses; The Cheesecake Stock still has much strength to make use of to counter and minimize its weaknesses.

A power that The Cheesecake Factory have got that most restaurants don't is that they are an all in one restaurant, food handling business, and tavern. There are not many restaurants that operate a complete bakery and bar under one roof top. The fact that I can buy a small portion of dessert to enjoy after my personal meal or just come in to acquire some complete desserts or cheesecakes a lot more than exceeds my expectations. If you do not want sit back for a 4 course meals you are definitely more than pleasant to take a seat for their complete service bar. There you can enjoy several drinks probably an appetizer or two and kick back, relax, and watch their flat display TV's.

The Cheesecake Factory provides strength in numbers. Not only do they have over a 170 restaurants in above 37 diverse states which includes Puerto Vasto. But they have got approximately 200 menu products. These items include but are not limited to seafood, steaks, chicken, burgers, teigwaren, pizza, salads, and we aren't forget puddings. Aside from regular desserts they may have approximately 60 variety flavors of cheesecake. And if that isn't enough eating places and food items on the menu; The Cheesecake Manufacturer operates two bakery development facilities. The role of those bakeries is usually to produce superior quality cheesecakes to sale at their eating places. The Cheesecake Factory believes that as a result it sets them in a competitive position against other...

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