Essay regarding The Si4010 Key Balloon Development user’s Guide

The Si4010 Crucial Fob Development user's Guideline

Si4010-Key Fob-DK


1 . Essential Fob Expansion Platform

The Si4010 essential fob development platform is actually a flexible platform for perfectly developing software and screening the whole program using the Si Laboratories computer software development GAGASAN. The platform also allows programming of the NVM on nick. The set up has two versions: one particular for the 434 MHz band (P/N 4010-DKKF_434) and one pertaining to the 868 MHz strap (P/N 4010-DKKF_868).

1 . 1 . Kit Articles

Table 1 ) Kit Content material

Qty Item 4010-DKKF_434 2 1 1 1 one particular 1 you 1 you 1 two 1 2 1 a few 1 one particular 1 1 1 one particular 1 a couple of 1 4010-UBPB_434 MSC-DKPE1 Si4010-C2-GS 4010-DKPB434-BM 4313-DAPB_LB MSC-PLPB_1 MSC-BA5 MSC-BA4 EC3 MSC-DKCS5 CRD2032 MSC-DKSW1 4010-DKKF_868 4010-UBPB_868 MSC-DKPE1 Si4010-C2-GS 4010-DKPB868-BM 4313-DAPB_HB MSC-PLPB_2 MSC-BA5 MSC-BA4 EC3 MSC-DKCS5 CRD2032 MSC-DKSW1 Description Si4010 Key Balloon Development Set up 434 Megahertz Si4010 essential fob trial board 434 MHz w/o IC SOIC/MSOP socketed development board Si4010-C2-GS transmitter IC, SOIC Deal Si4010 MSOP key fob development board 434 MHz, SMA Si4313 LED receiver board low band pcb ant Essential Fob Plastic material Case (translucent grey) Development interface plank Burning joindre board UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS Debug Assembler USB Cable CR2032 several V endroit battery Cellular Development Collection disc Si4010 Key Balloon Development Set up 868 MHz Si4010 essential fob demonstration board 868 MHz w/o IC SOIC/MSOP socketed creation board Si4010-C2-GS transmitter IC, SOIC Package deal Si4010 MSOP key fob development board 868 Megahertz, SMA Si4313 LED recipient board excessive band pcb ant Key Fob Plastic-type Case (translucent red) Development interface board Burning card board UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS Debug Adapter USB Cable connection CR2032 3 V endroit battery Cellular Development Selection disc

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Si4010-Key Fob-DK

Si4010-Key Fob-DK

1 . 1 . 1 . Burning Assembler (P/N MSC-BA4) The coding interface table serves as a great interface among the debug adapter and the Socketed Essential Fob Advancement Board or perhaps the Development Crucial Fob. It gives you 6. five V to get NVM coding. The power supply is triggered by a slipping switch on the board. It truly is required when the user really wants to program the interior NVM recollection on the processor chip. The encoding interface table contains a great 8-pin header, to which GPIO0 to GPIO5, along with power and ground, happen to be connected from your socketed or battery system. Therefore , an individual can engage to that header to control or monitor the chip pins.

1 . 1 ) 2 . Si4010 Socketed Key Fob Advancement Board (P/N MSC-DKPE1) Socketed (both SOIC and MSOP) key balloon board with SMA connection.


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Si4010-Key Fob-DK

1 . 1 . 3. Si4010 MSOP Essential Fob Creation Board 434 MHz, SMA (P/N 4010-DKPB434-BM) This creation board comes with an unburned soldered Si4010, five push control keys, SMA RF output, electric battery clip, and battery change. This plank allows operating user app from RAM during system development even while board is disconnected and powered by battery. The SMA end result connector allows wired measurements of the RF output sign.

1 . 1 . 4. Si4313 LED Recipient Board Low Band PCB Ant (P/N 4313-DAPB_LB) Recipient board for link testing with the crucial fob development board packed with the rke_demo example software.

1 . 1 . 5. Development Interface Board (P/N MSC-BA5) Adapter plank for interfacing customer PCB to the debug adapter.

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Si4010-Key Fob-DK

1 . 1 . 6th. 4010 Key Fob Demonstration Board 434 MHz devoid of IC (P/N 4010-UBPB_434)

1 . 1 . six. Key Balloon Plastic Circumstance (translucent grey) (P/N MSC-PLPB_1)

1 . 1 ) 8. Cellular Development Package Disc (P/N MSC-DKSW1) Wireless Development Suite CD including Si4010 records kit, NVM burning software, example jobs, and header files. 1 . 1 . 9. Si4010 test, SOIC deal (P/N Si4010-C2-GS)

1 . 1 . 10. UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS Cable (P/N MSC-DKCS5) Cable television to connect EC3 Debug Assembler to LAPTOP OR COMPUTER. 1 . 1 . 11. EC3 Debug Assembler (P/N EC3) Silicon Labs debugging adapter, used by additional Silicon Labs' MCU goods as well, compatible with the development system.