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Turning the Screw: Examining Douglas's Story

In this article I will be going through the narrative design present in " Turn of the Screw” simply by Henry Adam and discussing the character referred to as Douglas being a frame narrator for the governess's tale. I will explore the trustworthiness of Douglas and his romance with the governess and look at any bias due to this relationship. I will be examining the narrative style of the novella, and discussing how this style contributes to the development of the story. Along with this, I will be assessing " Time for the Screw” to classic ghost testimonies, and speaking about whether you will find differences between the two. Douglas is shown from the outset with the story as a frame narrator in that he begins his tale by offering to recite a manuscript written by his sister's former governess, who will be a person who Douglas holds in high respect. This work of recounting another person's account, or delivering a story in a story, is actually a clear sign that the sort of narrative within the book is body narrative. Whenever we look at this truth in terms of the quote provided within the study material, we observe that Douglas areas particular emphasis on his tale, proclaiming to get " quite too horrible” (pg 1). Due to the fact that Douglas is a frame narrator rather than an ubiquitous narrator, he comes complete with a number of individual faults, which include exaggeration and bias. The introduction of the story adds to this idea, as Douglas betrays an absolute bias on the governess by claiming that " she was the most agreeable girl I've ever known” and was " glad to this day to think that she loved me, too” (pg 2). Along with this, one of the listeners to Douglas' story presents the conjecture that Douglas was in love while using governess (pg 3). Many of these factors contribute to the theory that Douglas will present a biased view of the governess's tale, which is a thing we must keep in mind throughout his recounting of her tale. Douglas presents...

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